There is no detail information of when this picture was taken.  It should be taken in the 60's.  This picture was taken from the corner of Doyer Street.  The businesses which can be recognized from this picture including the Macau Restaurant, Wo Ping Restaurant, Shanghai Village Restaurant, Yue Hing Grocery Store, Pacific Bar, and the old address of the Sun Wei Association.  The second picture was taken from the same position in 2006.
這張照片沒有註明拍攝時間,時間應約在六十年代左右,從宰也街口向披露街拍攝。圖中可辨的商戶包括濠江餐廳、和平飯店、上海村餐館、悅興中西雜貨、Pacific Bar、以及新會同鄉會舊址。下圖為2006年的同一拍攝位置。

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